Copyrighting AI-Generated Art and What It Means for Indie Film

The US Copyright Office recently refused a request by a man named Ankit Sahni to register a copyright in a piece of AI-assisted artwork called “Suryast.” Sahni listed two authors in his application to register the copyright — he said that he was an author in the sense that he took a photo that was […]

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The Top Gun Copyright Dogfight

The script for the 1986 movie Top Gun was inspired by an article written by a journalist named Ehud Yonay called “Top Guns,” which was published in California Magazine in 1983. Yonay’s article was about the real-life U.S. Navy “Fighter Weapons School,” which is also called “Top Gun.” The article talked about the experiences of […]

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Avoiding Defamation in Your Film: A Tale of Two Documentaries

If you make documentary films, you’ve probably heard about the need to make sure you don’t say anything defamatory in your film to avoid being sued. But how do you avoid making defamatory statements? At a high level, defamation means a false statement about someone that damages their reputation. But, as always in the law, […]

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